Ulrike Schablin

The nervous system is a very potent entry point affecting the whole body as well as the mind, and it is an important part of the yoga practice. Ulrike will show you several different ways to tune into this. You will get a brief overview of the nervous system and an understanding how the breath is affecting our body (the muscles, the inner organs, the fascia) and mind through the asana practice.

The workshop will contain a theoretic part and a slightly different asana practise.


KDY: sobota 14.09.2019 (11:00-13:30)
VEDE: Ulrike Schablin
CENA: 750,- (nebo 2600,- za celý víkend)

PLATBA A REZERVACE:  Potvrďte svou účast zaplacením zálohy ve výši 100% ceny na účet 2113581605/2700.


Variabilní symboly:
- samostatná lekce: 2019067. Do poznámky uveďte CELÉ JMÉNO_NERVOUS SYSTEM + rezervujte si místo v našem rezervačním systému.
- celý víkend: 2019066.  Do poznámky uveďte CELÉ JMÉNO_SOUND2SOUL + rezervujte si místa v našem rezervačním systému.* 

* Pokud si rezervujete balíček na celý víkend, je potřeba si rezervovat všechny lekce v našem systému.

STORNO PODMÍNKY: Po přihlášení na akci v rezervačním systému je nutné ihned zaplatit zálohu ve výši 100%. Pokud nebude rezervace z Vaší strany smazána, považujeme ji za závaznou. V momentě přijetí platby Vám zašleme rezervační potvrzení. V případě storna více než 14 dní před konáním kurzu/workshopu, bude účtován storno poplatek ve výši 50%. Pokud se klient na zvolený kurz/workshop nemůže dostavit a řádně se včas neomluví (t.j. 14 dní dopředu před začátkem kurzu), je studio oprávněno akci účtovat v plné výši. Své místo však lze převést na jinou osobou.

Přihlášením v rezervačním systému souhlasíte se storno podmínkami.





Sound2Soulis aLive Music YogaProject, foundedby Ulrike Schablin and Yani Nörren. Ulrike and Yani are both yoga teachers who share a great passion for music and sound vibration.
Ulrike and Yani have created Sound2Soul,a live music yoga class combining music, sound and yoga. In these live music yoga classes, the participant gains a deeper insight into the perception and the profound effect of sound and vibration on the body and mind. The session includes Sanskrit mantra chanting and targeted asana sequences, which have a specific and healing effects on the body and mind.
Music is the yoga of sound and is the state where different sounds and tones harmonise and fuse together. A piece of music can move us so much that it enters  our soul and lifts up us. Why is that? Sound and vibration is a form of energy and that we ourselves are also energy. Our human body consists of up to 60% out of water; and water conductor for sound and vibration.
Chanting Sanskrit mantras has a powerful and healing effect as well as on the physical and the subtle energetic body. Mantras are especially effective in calming the nervous system and uplifting the mind and emotions. Sanskrit, the language of ancient yogic scriptures, has a very specific frequency. It has a high and powerful resonance on the human body, animals, plants and all existence.
The practice of yoga dissolves physical and energetic blockages in our body. The focus is neither the yoga asana practice nor the mantra yoga practice. It is the combination of these particular elements that makes this practice so special. You may have practice this or that particular asana a dozen or hundreds of times. You have chanted this or that mantra a dozen or a hundreds of times and have had a different or the same experience with each time. However, practicing these elements at same time, you may perceive each element differently, which leads you to a completely new experience. As a result, the body is tuned and becomes more sensitive to subtle sound and vibrations of the mantras. The effect is deep healing, relaxation and feels in harmony.

Ulrike Schablin

Ulrike started with a classical ballet training in Berlin, followed by a university degree in sports science with the focus on rehabilitation. Since 40 years she has gained experiences in different body work trainings: power yoga, mental balance,Body&Mind, pre-and postnatale yoga and ®yogamedicine von Tiffany Cruikshank.She is also a facilitator at the SAFS&BETATraining.Despite of her profound knowledge, she search for something more. Something that everything unites - yoga.In 2007 Ulrike did the Jivamukti Yoga teacher training with Yogeswari and Patrick Broome (yoga teacher of the German Football team). She creates an easy comfortable flow into and out of poses by a precise yet imagery instructions that helps harmonising the alignment between body, mind and soul.After Ulrike’s class one feels strengthened and serene.

Ātmikā Yani Nörren

Ātmikā was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. She came in contact with meditation and spiritual practice in early age when she was a small child. However, music has always been part of her life. She was taken to her very first yoga class by her mother in her late teens when she was hustling with exams in high school in 2001. She studied Music & Media Management and Marketing in London and worked in the music and media industry for almost 10 years until she met her Sanskrit teacher Manorama D’Alvia, who has changed her life completely. Since 2012 she has been studying her with the ancient yogic scriptures, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit mantras and has made that as her main focus of her yogic and spiritual practice. In 2013 Ātmikā did the Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in New York.Her gentle but powerful and clear voice leads the listener into a meditative state that makes one feel serene and calm, in line with mind and soul.